Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Cold Will make Many Fools...

I did some changing of the guard today changing out sweaters for shorts and heavy sports coats for summer wear.  However, as I mentioned in previous blogs, winter-like cold is not over, even for us.  Sure we’ll be in the 80s Monday & Tuesday, but a strong cold front will require sweaters & jackets for Wednesday & Thursday.  In fact, for the next 10-15 days we’ll see several strong fronts requiring some outer wear to ward off the chill in the air especially at night.  It’s snowing across the Ohio Valley tonight with 20s as far south as St. Louis with 30s down to Oklahoma City & 40s in  Dallas.  That chill is not coming to us just yet as the front will stall waiting for another upper disturbance midweek.  A weak disturbance is triggering a snow storm tonight & the snow will head to D.C., Philly & NYC tomorrow.  It’s only the first of several snow storms for them during the next 10-14 days.  It’s so bad that even the “old-timers” are complaining enough already!  Fortunately for us, it’ll just mean below normal temperatures for the first half of this month and that’s not so bad since our normal/averages are mid 70s for highs & low 50s for lows.   65-70 during the day feels pretty good if you’re dressed for it.  The nights will see some 40s so that’s why I’ve kept a few sweaters at the ready. 


As these fronts keep coming, our next concern is for severe weather outbreaks.  SPC has placed much of western & northern Louisiana under a slight risk for storms late Tuesday into early Wednesday.  My thinking is the worst storms will stay to our north with this front, but expect more threats with future fronts as this is our Spring Severe Weather season.  Again, if any of you have trips planned for the Great Lakes or East Coast during the next 10-15 days, keep up on the weather as flight delays/cancellations will be common.  Stay tuned!

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