Sunday, April 15, 2018

Last of the Real Cold...

Despite all day sunshine, we struggled to get into the lower 60s.  With brisk NW winds of 15-25 mph, the chill felt worse, unless you were wearing a sweater or jacket, then it felt great.   We are not done with cold fronts, but this appears to be the last of the Canadian outbreaks as our next fronts will be coming more west to east with the core of the cold staying farther to our north.   The folks up north are wondering if this is the year with no Spring as much of Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa & Wisconsin are snow cover with morning lows in the teens & 20s.  Heck, some of that chill has filtered down to us with our morning lows in the 30s North Shore & away from Lake P. south will require outer gear again tomorrow.     We will quickly warm up by Tuesday with the rest of this week seeing 70s & 80s.   It looks like next Sunday will be our next opportunity to deal with possible strong storms/severe weather, but that is so far away & we’ll have plenty of time to watch the models evolve.   


Yesterday’s storm total at my house ended up at 5.21”, which was representative of what fell across the metro area.   We’ll have many days to dry out with sunny skies so I expect my grass & flowers will show spurts of growth this week.  I will finish working on my backyard fence the next 10-14 days before the real heat of May starts to rear its ugly head.  Enjoy this cool spell as we know what comes next.  Stay tuned!

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