Monday, April 23, 2018

Upper Low Soaks Southeast...

As I mentioned on my last post 2 days ago, the upper disturbance that brought us our Sunday showers & storms would become cut off from the main jet stream flow and become a slow mover.   It has only gone from eastern Kansas to western Kentucky in 48 hours.  Fortunately for us, we are on the dry side and continue to enjoy super April weather.  This low reminds me of a saying the late Sonny Elliot( a weather-caster on Detroit TV when I attend UM Ann Arbor) used back in the 60s.  It's "moving slower than a nudist trying to climb a barbed wire fence".   If you visualize that saying, you can understand that's really slow!   By Wednesday another upper disturbance will finally kick out this low and bring our next cold front here on Thursday.  Most of the energy will remain far to our north and any shower activity should not be heavy.  Friday through Sunday looks dry and pleasantly warm, near perfect for Jazz Fest & the Zurich Classic golf tourney, 

 The AGW Alarmists constantly push doom & gloom for our future so on The Weather Channel this morning, they pointed out our tornado count to date is running way below normal with Oklahoma (in the heart of tornado alley) having NONE so far in April.  How historic is this?   Never in their history of record keeping has Oklahoma gone the whole month without at least one tornado.   But what happened to those who predicted more frequent & more intense tornadoes & hurricanes?  Hasn't happened.  With 6 days left in the month, let's see if Oklahoma sets that new record.  Stay tuned!

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