Thursday, May 17, 2018

And the Heat Goes On...

Why does the Sonny & Cher song from the 60s “And the Beat Goes ON”   seem to work here?


                Temperatures make sweat bead off my head…Houses so hot can’t go to bed…People shed clothes to keep them cool…Animals are weak except the mules…and the Heat Goes On…And the Heat goes ON!


Actually, today didn’t seem so bad since we had a decent breeze & the dew points were high 60s – low 70s.  Give it another 2 weeks when the deep Gulf surface moisture gets DPs into the mid to upper 70s.  That’s when it’ll feel gawd awful.  We really need some widespread T-Showers as the grasses on the neutral grounds are turning brown.  Today’s high of 94 broke another record for the 5th straight day making it our 7th 90 degree day this month.   Friday should make it our 6th straight record breaker unless some storms develop.  Chances appear to be less than 20% right into Saturday.  I hosed down my yard today.  In fact, I had my house (siding)  hosed down (power washed) for mildew, which seems to be required every 2 years.  My man Felix did a great job.  At 70+, I don’t venture up tall ladders anymore.   We have reached the time of the year when the 7 day forecast becomes pretty useless.  We all know it will be hot (90+).  What we can’t predict with much confidence is where or when the spotty storms will develop.  Sometimes models will show the moisture approaching, but sometimes they won’t.   Once again the GFS (American Model) tries to form a storm in the 7-10 day time frame, except now it’s not in the Gulf, but over Florida and up the East Coast.   Talk about flip-flopping around.   Pretty useless to me.  Stay tuned!

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