Saturday, May 5, 2018

Another Pinch Me Evening...

Taking Bailey on her usual 7 pm walk & I noticed we had a north wind & a different feel to the air.   Temps were still warm, but it actually felt comfortable outside, enough so that I didn’t want to rush back inside after walking the dog.   These weak May fronts sometimes bring lots of rain with them(’78, ’95), but not today’s.  We had a few brief downpours but they were spotty & not everyone got in on the rainfall.   The next 2-3 days look to continue this pattern of warm days and pleasant evenings until later next week when the muggies return,  All in all, we are enjoying one of the best Springs in my memory.  Hopefully we can squeeze a couple more weeks before summer heat slams us for 4 months.


The upper low over the Bahamas that was supposed to move up the East Coast bringing them heavy rainfall, has become stationary down over Cuba where it may sit for several days.  Parts of Cuba & Haiti could get a good soaking but this system shows no signs of any surface development.  What we continue to watch is the waters in the Pacific off of South America getting warmer.   That could be a sign that an weak El Nino is forming.   If that is the case, it could result in lowering the numbers of storms predicted for the Gulf & Atlantic Basin this Summer.   Let’s hope so as no one wants a repeat of last years’ major hurricanes.  Stay Tuned!

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