Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Arizona -Like Heat...

I was out golfing today and never felt it was really hot.  We tied another record high at 91, but the dew point was 51 resulting in a relative humidity of 25% at midafternoon.   In the Southwest, they call it a “dry heat”.  I could live with this all summer, but we know when the winds return off the Gulf, the muggies will follow.   The real benefit of low humidity is the nights are allowed to cool down.  That will end by the weekend so enjoy this stretch of nice weather that has been around most of this Spring.  Some shower chances will return for Saturday & Sunday, but even then coverage will only be 20-30%.  Our yards & gardens could use a soaking, but I think the sprinklers are the only way that will happen.


The GFS model continues to hint at tropical development, but today’s runs keep the activity down in the Caribbean during the 10-14 day timeframe.  IF something were to form, Florida appears to be the likely location to be on the lookout.  It’s almost the time of the year to look over your plans in case  a storm threatens us.   I’ll be writing more about that during the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

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