Friday, May 18, 2018

Finally Some Rain...

It took quite a while, but T-Storms finally developed during daytime heating soaking much of the South Shore with significant rainfall (1-3”+).   It kept temps from reaching record highs, but 92 still was way above normal.  Rainfall amounts ranged from less than an inch in Kenner to nearly 4 “+ in the CBD.    My yard received 2.86” along with some pea size hail.  This was welcomed rainfall  and it quickly was absorbed by my yard.   Tomorrow should see less rain coverage as today’s upper disturbance pulls away.   Since much of the morning sunshine will be used in evaporating today’s rainfall, I suspect highs will be limited to the Lower 90s.  


Today’s GFS computer  runs do not show a low developing in the Caribbean moving into Florida later this month.   I really am concerned about model runs out 10-14 days.  Rarely are they accurate yet many believe in them and start hyping up a danger that really isn’t there.   Right now, all is quiet and that’s what we like to see going forward.   Stay tuned!

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