Thursday, May 3, 2018

Weak Front To Fizzle...

With the final weekend of Jazz Fest coming, can we see a weekend as beautiful & comfortable as last weekend?  Nope, not gonna happen as we have a weak cool front approaching.  However, this front has little upper support and is likely to just “wash out” as it staggers off our coast by Sunday.   Will see  some showers?  Certainly, on Saturday PM, but even then the rain coverage will be only 30-40%.  Drier air should push in for Sunday through Tuesday making for cooler nights with comfy warm days.    David mentioned an upper disturbance over the Bahamas that will drift slowly westward by this weekend.  It’s a reminder that the Hurricane Season is less than 4 weeks away.    Typically any early season storms are east of Florida & over the Bahamas and do not enter the Gulf.   With Gulf SSTs below normal, I expect little activity around us until much later into the summer.   Hopefully a weak El Nino develops and creates a hostile environment around us keeping any storms far to our east.  Stay tuned!


Watching various local weathercasts and am I the only one who notices how many weathercasters will show you the forecast model first BEFORE showing anything else related to current weather?   I would always show what’s happening NOW before showing what MIGHT happen in the future.   As someone trained in meteorology, I find it very difficult to follow the storytelling that shows what MIGHT happen before showing what is happening.   My strength was showing satellite & radar loops, pointing out features and then showing what the model does with those features.  Most don’t do that anymore.   It’s one of the few things I miss about not being on-air.  Check out the various weathercasters and see if they point out features on Satellite/radar/water vapor loops.  Gosh, to see the little features (sea breeze fronts, local fires, isolated T-Storms) on the visible (daylight) loops was something I did every day.  Now it’s just models, planners, hour by hour, consultant driven weathercasting.  The art of storytelling taught to me by the late John Coleman is lost on the current generation.   So Sad.

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