Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Gulf Remains A Hostile Environment...

Tonight’s water vapor loop shows an upper low spinning over the central Gulf.  A tropical wave moving towards the Yucatan has lost almost all of the T-Storm activity it had yesterday.   NHC still keeps development probability at 20%, but none of the models are showing that.    I suspect we’ll just see a surge of tropical moisture spreading into Texas (where they need the rain) & western Louisiana with very little impact for SE LA/MS.    There are some hints that early next week something might try to form along the east coast (Carolinas-FLA) where an old cold front sags down from the north.   For us I see little change in the short term with our daily T-Storms bubbling up during daytime heating.   Today was great as this morning’s cloud cover restricted T-Storm formation and kept us from being so hot.    As is typical of summer, those who received rain saw a lot while others nearby got very little.  Without any tropical or upper air disturbances coming our way, I don’t see any major changes during the next 5-7 days. 


The remains of Hurricane Bud will move into the desert Southwest during the next several days.   Be prepared to see videos of flash flooding over Arizona & New Mexico.  Hopefully some of the rains will reach southern Colorado where several major wild fires are burning.  Stay tuned!  

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