Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tropics Staying Quiet...

None of the computer models are showing any development for the next 7-10 in our part of the world.  There is another tropical wave moving into the eastern Caribbean that could move into the Gulf by the middle of next week, but right now the TUTT (Tropical Upper Tropospheric troughs) is king with an upper low moving across the tip of the Yucatan with another north of Puerto Rico.   Locally, the most active weather stayed to our north today and for the next several days, few showers are expected which should mean highs well into the mid to upper 90s.  Hopefully that Caribbean wave will bring us some relief in the form of more showers later next week.  In the meantime, it will be very important to stay hydrated if working or playing outdoors.


Tonight I was the MC for the annual unveiling of the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo Poster at Boomtown Casino.   The Rodeo starts 5 weeks from today and, with registration, gives you the chance to win a fully rigged boat & trailer.  You don’t even have to fish to enter.  Just Google Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo and click the various sites.  Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is this year’s President with Jim Henderson as Admiral of the Fleet and Master of Ceremonies

For the Saturday night awards presentation.  I’ll have more info as we get closer, but start planning to spend several days fishing around Grand Isle.  Mayor Camardelle told me tonight the trout are showing up along with the blue crabs.  The Tarpon Rodeo runs from July 26-28th

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