Sunday, June 3, 2018

What Happened to the Rain?

Yesterday it looked like a weak cold front would bring us some much needed rainfall, but sometimes when you get in these dry spells, it’s hard to break the pattern.   We have storms pounding Mobile tonight & they could send some backdoor (moving in from the NE) showers into the eastern marsh areas before daybreak.   David still showed a “ring of fire” pattern developing for Tuesday & Wednesday so hopefully we’ll see some widespread soakers.  Other than that, it’s too hot too soon.  The weak front to our north may still stagger through bringing a little less humid air for Monday PM into Tuesday, but it may not have the push to move fully offshore.   It might leave a surface boundary that could be the focus for our showers on Tuesday & Wednesday?    


The GFS still is hinting at tropical development in the Gulf in the 10-14 day time frame, but it is the only model showing that and, with the MJO in the unfavorable phase(inking air), is probably wrong much like the 2 weeks leading up to Alberto.   The Eastern Pacific looks to be the area where tropical development is likely in the next 3-5 days.   That’s not our Ocean so it won’t be our problem.  Stay tuned!

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