Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A July Treat...

Walking Bailey tonight and I marveled at how comfortable it felt outside.  In fact, all day really felt great as we finally broke the string of mid 90 degree days with a high of 86.  Sure we had to endure a rainy start, but the lingering cloud cover kept temps in check.   I expect the 4th will be more typical of our summer with more sunshine bubbling up some afternoon storms.  Unlike today’s 100% coverage, Wednesday might only be 30-40% or less before rain chances increase again on Thursday thru Saturday.  Another tropical wave/upper disturbance will move into Florida tomorrow and reach us by Thursday.  Today’s wave/rainmaker has moved into western Louisiana and will soak east Texas for the 4th of July.    Just remember, more clouds & showers mean less hot highs and that is usually good, unless it’s a holiday & you’re at the beach or you want to watch fireworks.   I’ll be watching them on TV ! Just think…Only another 10-12 weeks to go before those real Fall fronts start coming!


Ironic only 2 days after CSU ( Colorado State University) and Dr. Phil Klotzbach came out with their less active hurricane forecast, does NHC start following 2 potential systems for later this week.  One near Bermuda should latch on to a frontal boundary and turn northward away from the United States.   The other is way out in the eastern Atlantic and has a well-defined circulation on satellite loops tonight.   Not sure how it can develop since CSU mentioned they were lowering their numbers due to the colder than normal water temps out over the MDR (Main Development Region) that should inhibit storm formation.    Whatever, it is so far out there that IF something were to develop, we’ll have days to track it.    Stay tuned and Happy Birthday America…home of the Brave, land of the Free.  Semper Fi fellow Marines!

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