Monday, July 2, 2018

It's July...It's Supposed to be Hot...

Watching the ABC World News Tonight talk about the  “Extreme Heat” over the Northeast like this has never happened before, but it has.  What bothers me is their weather people not showing  what the real temperatures are.  Instead they keep showing the “heat index”.  Geez, if you weren’t paying attention, you might have thought everyone was 105 to 110 degrees today.  Granted, it was hot (mid to upper 90s), but not record heat.  But we know what that is all about.


Finally NHC started to mention the weak rotation over the NE Gulf.   Some of the surprising things with it tonight…1) the majority of the showers/storms are on the typical dry/west side while the typically wet side (east) has few showers.  2)  Despite being centered over water, buoy pressures are not falling tonight.   3) satellite loop shows excellent outflow above system yet it is not doing much.  Still, as Joe Bastardi of Weather Bell brought up, Bertha back in 1982 spun up quickly into a 40 mph Tropical Storm in nearly the same location.   I will not be surprised to wake up to a vastly different radar presentation in the morning with much more rain filling in the eastern and northern sides.   Since pressures aren’t falling, I don’t expect to see much development as it passes across us after daybreak.   Since it should keep moving, rainfall amounts should be no worse than 3-5” with most of us seeing 1-3”.    Another upper disturbance off the east coast could approach us for the end of the week.   In between, Wednesday & Thursday should see fewer storms.  Stay tuned!

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