Saturday, July 7, 2018

Southern Summers Suck...

While much of the Central Plains, Ohio Valley, Great lakes to the Northeast enjoyed a break from the Summer Heat & Humidify, not so those of us along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida up through the Carolinas.  Rarely do fronts make their way down into the Gulf and we usually have to wait until early to mid-September before a real front plows through.    Frankly, I thought we would see even more widespread storm coverage today but it ended up kind of basic summertime (40-50%) coverage.  An upper low centered south of Pensacola will move across us for Sunday and that should give us above normal (60-80%) clouds and showers.  In fact, we should stay on the underside of the upper ridge through most of next week keeping our daily shower chances around.


Beryl was downgraded to a weak Tropical Storm as satellite loops showed an exposed center indicating increased wind shear.   She should weaken further as she heads into the Caribbean.  TD # 3 looks like it will be upgraded to Tropical Storm Chris later tonight or on Sunday.   It has much greater T-Storm activity around the center, but there currently is little forward motion.  Computer models suggest he’ll begin a movement to the NE by Monday.   For us, the Gulf is quiet.  Stay Tuned!

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