Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Amazing August Local Storms...

We have reached the time of the year when the transition to Fall cold fronts is still weeks away.  Most of our daily T-Storms form through daytime heating and often build up to 50,000’+ (8-10 miles) above the Earth.   Sometimes they are less than 10 miles wide and are slow movers (less than 10 mph).  This results in rainfall amounts of 1-3”+ in some locations while others just blocks away get enough to wet the ground.  What has been scary the past few days is the vivid lightning that accompanies these tropical downpours.  NWS is indicateing rain chances will increase for Friday-Sunday so if you plan on being outdoors, pay attention to the weather.  If it looks to get stormy, go to the FOX 8 Weather App & bring up the radar to see if storms are forming around you.  It could be a life saver.


Our Tropics remain quiet as Debby heads farther into the North Atlantic. The Pacific is the action center, but that is ok for us.   There are signs that the MJO could return to the favorable (rising air) phase over the Gulf & Caribbean by the end of this month.  No need to remind you that is the beginning of the “Heart of the season”.  We will need to really focus after August 15th through October 10th.   Right now, there is nothing to worry about.  Stay tuned!

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