Friday, August 10, 2018

It's Almost Time...

It appears the Tropics in our part of the world are trying to come alive.  NHC is now issuing daily %s on 2 systems, one an upper low way out in the central north Atlantic (like Debby) with the other down along the ITCZ.  There are actually 4 or 5 tropical waves showing some life on tonight’s satellite loops.   None of them look impressive so any development will be slow.  Closer to home over the SW Gulf, some storms flared up with the hints of a mid-level circulation.  NHC isn’t talking about that yet.   Interesting, none of the long range computer models are developing any of these systems as they all continue the pattern of an active Eastern Pacific for the rest of August.   We’ll probably see a 2-3 week spurt of activity later this month into September, but the longer we are quiet, the less time there is before the change of seasons(cold fronts) becomes our friend.


Today was a strange one as almost everyone had above normal clouds and showers, but the general totals were less than half an inch.   Computer guidance hints at a weak upper high forming for the 2nd half of this weekend into early next week making us drier & hotter.  Today most everyone stayed below 90, which for mid-August is always welcomed.  I expect rain chances on Saturday of 40-50% to fall to 20-30% on Sunday and 5-10% on Monday & Tuesday.  Enjoy what should be a typical August weekend in the Deep South.  The usual heat precautions – sunscreen, hats & hydration – are in effect.  Stay Tuned!


FYI…saw the new Tom Cruise movie today.  1) for 52, he still looks & moves great and 2) the action scenes gave my heart no reason for my pacemaker!   No academy awards, just a fun film if you’re a Cruise fan, which I am.

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