Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bravo David!

I was supposed to be on a 2 day fishing trip out of Shell Beach with “Capt.” Hylton, but a text from David Bernard yesterday PM “suggested” we should be happy with just one fishing day as Thursday looked stormy, especially between 5-7 AM.   We decided to head home before dark and not even try fishing Thursday morning.  Sure enough, I awoke to pouring rains that would have made fishing impossible.   Now I wasn’t disappointed since we caught our limit of 75 trout on Wednesday along with 9 reds.   Now David can’t give you a personal text, but I watched the news after the World Series game 2 and he clearly showed you why it was not going to be a nice start to our Thursday.  Thank you David and, who knows, I might bring you some trout!

Rainfall generally was between 1-3” with most of it falling between 6-8 AM.   Cooler and drier air will filter in overnight, but this is not a blast from the Arctic.  It will hang around through the weekend with highs in the mid-70s on Saturday and back above 80 on Sunday.  I don’t see any winter like cold coming for the next 7-10 days.   Of note, even though Alaska remains mild (above freezing), sub-zero cold is building over Hudson Bay.   Usually for us, our “Polar Vortex” begins with bitter cold developing over Alaska  coming southward 7-10 days later.  So far, no signs of that.

I posted in a previous blog that I am involved in a fundraiser and need your help to reach my goal of raising $3,000.  I suggested that if 300 of my followers donated just $10, I’d reach that goal .  As one of my followers pointed out, there is no $10 option, just $5,20, 50 or 100.  OK, if  600 of you donated just $5, I’d reach my goal.   So far thank you to those who’ve donated $420 to that goal.  I hope more of you can help. See the following;
I'm attending the Men Who Cook event to support Children's Advocacy Center - Hope House! Join me for a night of tasty food, dancing, and live music all for a good cause! Learn more:   You don’t need to live here to support this worthy cause that protects children.  Come on aboard.  Stay tuned!

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