Friday, October 5, 2018

Michael Is Not There Yet...

All signs continue to point to some kind of tropical development happening by late this weekend over the southern Gulf.  NHC has increased their probability to 80% at 5 days  which is pretty strong.     I have no new news to share as upper wind shear remains very high & there is not a surface low to track just yet.  Most models appear to bring a system off the Yucatan into the south central Gulf and then head it towards the Florida beaches for Tuesday & Wednesday.  This would bring very few impacts to LA & MS keeping the worst part of the storm to our east.  However, since we don’t have anything to follow yet,  these are just guesses.  Let’s keep paying attention tomorrow & Sunday to see if we need to have anything to worry about.  RIGHT NOW, we don’t.   I’ll update again on Saturday after the morning model runs are in.


Today marks the end of my 71st  year on this planet.  I am thankful for all of you who still follow my blog and appreciate how I explain/storytell what is happening in the Tropics.   I am hoping to place a call to the “Fat Lady” for NEXT weekend to come sing as it appears our first real front will plow through then.   I am so ready for “the party to be over”.  Stay tuned!

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