Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Only a Matter of Hours to go...

Kudos to the NHC for being so accurate in Michael’s path.  His outer bands are now impacting the coast with the center making landfall before noon.  There is very little good news with this storm except to say it’s not coming here.  The 7 AM update now has winds at 145 mph (Cat. 4) making it the strongest October land falling hurricane in October plus the strongest hurricane on record to hit the Florida beaches.  Hopefully people have listened to the great predictions from NHC and no one will lose their life?   With the increased wind speeds, destruction will be catastrophic from east of Destin to Apalachicola.  Neighborhoods will be uninhabitable for weeks, perhaps months just like after Katrina.   Please do not plan to travel over there until local governments give the OK.   Let first responders do their jobs.    It will be a long day along the Florida beaches as you can now clearly see the eye begin to make the turn towards the NE.  The only “good” news is it is moving faster (13 mph) so the period of strong winds & heavy rains will not linger like Florence.  The “bomb” is about to explode on parts of the Florida coast.  Prayers are all we/they can do.  Next update after landfall this afternoon.   Stay tuned!

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