Monday, October 8, 2018

Saints Rolling, But So Is Michael...

I’m writing this awaiting the 10 PM NHC update and enjoying the 40 pts the Saints have scored so far.  Drew Brees makes it look so easy.  We have been spoiled for the past 13 years.  But back to the weather.   Satellite loops clearly show a developing hurricane tonight as an eye is becoming more apparent.   Several folks are questioning the future track of Michael and I can understand why.  All models are out there for anyone to look at and MIS-INTERPRETATE.  What I have learned from decades watching NHC is their models have become more & more accurate over the years.  (Look at Florence 5 days out!)   When they are so clustered, as they are with Michael, it’s stupid to start spreading alarming mis-information.  I know many of the NHC hurricane specialists personally, and these guys are good.   As I await their new forecast track, I suspect they will stick to the models keeping this a Florida impact storm.  I am concerned that it’s 9:55 PM and the update is not out yet.  That tells me they could be changing the track some?    OK it’s finally in and NHC  has not changed directions with Michael moving NNW (350 degrees) at 12 mph.  Their new track is almost the same with the center line over Panama City after daybreak on Wednesday.  It would take a bust by all of the models for the storm to head our way.   I go to bed tonight (after a great Saints victory) confident Michael will not impact us.  Again, do not attempt any travel to our east until this storm is inland.    Stay tuned Who Dat Nation !

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