Friday, October 19, 2018

The Nightmare Continues...

I was down in Lafitte with Jim Henderson today working on business for the 2019 Grand isle Tarpon Rodeo where Jim will be our President.   The weather was terrific, almost hot ,but I got thinking how lucky we are enjoying our lives here in Louisiana while parts of Florida near Panama City remain without power & the basic necessities of live.   I remember after Katrina how difficult it was here as we hauled refrigerators, carpets, sheet rock, insulation, cabinets etc in a process that took months to complete.  I saw this morning how the power grid is slowly being reconstructed as over 5,000+ poles had to be replaced along with lines & transformers.   It’s a dangerous, tedious, labor intensive effort and thousands of workers from around the country are there to help.    As we enjoy the many fairs & festivals here this weekend, take a moment to think about our good life here.  Others are not so lucky.


We finally have a real Fall front coming tomorrow PM and you should start to feel it after dark.  There could be a few showers with the front, but they should not last too long.  Sunday will struggle to reach the 70s despite all day sunshine.  The good feel air should linger into Monday before some unsettled weather returns Tuesday through Friday.   After today’s high of 88, I don’t see any 80 degree days next week.   I’ve got my sweaters ready.  Bring it on Mother Nature!  Stay tuned!

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