Sunday, October 14, 2018

Winter Not Far Away...

Now that we’ve reached mid-October and fronts are coming, our attention shifts from the Tropics to the building cold air up north.    While we reach 86 this afternoon, Denver was snowing and in the 20s.  That snow area has shifted into Kansas tonight and will spread into Iowa by morning.  We will see a cool front stagger through later this week, but it will lack a real push down into the Gulf.  If it stalls along our coast, we could see an ugly rain pattern for late week into the weekend.  The front the following week looks to be stronger, and that will have folks pulling out the sweaters and heavier coats.   In the short term, the muggies are back and that means those nice, cool nights are gone for the next several days.  


Watching the network news coverage of the destruction from hurricane Michael and one thing I did notice was several structures remained intact while most of the homes around them were gone.  You can build stronger homes in hurricane prone areas.   Certainly it will cost more, but over time, it’ll be less expensive.  Somehow, insurance companies should be able to offer discounts to those who invest in stronger than code buildings.  Nah, that makes too much sense.  Stay tuned!

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