Friday, November 2, 2018

More Stormy Weather Coming?

The chill in the air this morning delayed getting on the golf course until 11 AM and even then I had on 2 sweaters!   By 1 PM, temps had warmed into the 60s and it really felt great.  With clear skies and light winds tonight, morning lows should drop into the 40s in most location before a warm up begins Saturday that will take us back into the 70s.   An upper air disturbance will approach Sunday afternoon bringing some showers with a rumble of thunder, but this system should weaken as it sag by us.  A much stronger upper system should arrive for Tuesday and SPC has indicated severe storms are possible mainly to our north.  Yet another upper system comes later in the week so we’ll need to watch out to see how far south the severe threat develops.  RIGHT NOW, it appears the main upper energy will be farther to our north, but that could change.   These severe weather threats are very typical for this time of the year and it’s generally referred to as our secondary severe weather season as the colder air of Winter tries to press southward.  Springtime is usually our worse severe season as warmer air from the Gulf collides with retreating cold air.   With colder air building over Alaska & Canada, look for that chill to reach us after mid-November.   My sweaters are ready.  Stay tuned!

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