Monday, December 3, 2018

CAVU Weather Next 3 Days...

While watching the memorial service for the late President Bush today and VP Mike Pence brought up a letter Bush 41 sent to Pence' son Michael, a Marine aviator.   At the end H.W. said he wishing only CAVU flying for the younger Pence.   CAVU is a weather term describing Ceilings & Visibilities Unlimited.  That's what we'll see for the next 3 days as a much colder and drier airmass settles over us.   Those of you who drive the Causeway daily will be able to see the city's skyline almost as soon as you get on the bridge heading to the South Shore.   Today's high of 70 was 13 degrees cooler than Sunday's 83 and tomorrow will be another 10-15 degrees cooler still with over night lows dipping into the 30s on the North Shore.   You need to get use to these ups & downs as storms are lining up to march coast to coast.    If the storm track goes to our north, we'll jump briefly into the warm air sector.  However, if the storm track goes to our south, we'll have cold rains with possible snows not too far to our north.   The next 10-15 days will see some major winter storms across the country so if you have December travel plans, you'll need to pay attention to the weather.   Right now there are no signs of a "Polar Vortex" coming down over the Great lakes and Northeast, but 30-35 degree below zero temps are still up over northern Canada.    I've got my sweaters and coats ready just in case.

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