Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Thursday Looks Thundery...

I don't mind dealing with Winter's chill if it's a day like today.   Bright sunshine with a crispy feel to the air makes it almost perfect...if you're dressed for it.   After another frosty night in spots, there will be a quick warm up (60s) on Wednesday out ahead of another strong, fast moving upper disturbance that might bring some severe storms for Thursday.   David pointed out that SPC has placed us in the lowest area (marginal risk) for strong storms and they could come in several lines.   1-2" of rain is very possible, but anything higher is unlikely since this system is progressive and shouldn't linger.   Clouds will wrap around the upper low for Friday and it will be sharply colder (high 40s) with brisk WNW winds.  The weekend is looking great with lots of sunshine and pleasantly cool temps.   I don't see any real Arctic cold plunging down into the lower 48 for the next 10-12 days.   Models are hinting Christmas Eve/Day could see some rain here, but that's still a long way out.   As we get closer, I'll try to focus on travel (driving) weather for those of you heading home for Christmas.    Stay tuned!

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