Saturday, December 29, 2018

Winter is not Supposed to be Pretty...

If you think I'm going to keep whining about our cloudy, dreary're correct!   This really sucks.   Then again we knew it was coming since I've been talking about the upper SW flow for days.  We are far from done before sunshine returns late next week when the upper trough finally slides to our east and we do get cooler & drier air in here.   Fog has socked in many areas tonight as a warm front moves northward out of the Gulf.  Once the front gets to our north on Sunday, we could actually break out into PM sunshine as highs warm to 70+.  We'll stay in the warm air sector on Monday (75-80) before a cold front brings more storms late Monday evening.  That front will also stall (duh...SW upper flow) with another wave of rain coming for late Tuesday into Wednesday.   The concern is...if we get another 2-4"+ of rainfall, how serious will the North Shore flooding get?   New Year's Eve celebrations are iffy as the front will stall.  The best we can hope for is some low clouds, chilly temps, but no rain.   Can you tell I'm already fed up with this kind of weather?  Still no signs of a big east coast trough that might bring the brutally cold air (35-40 below) down into the lower 48.  Stay tuned!

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