Thursday, January 10, 2019

Models Trending Colder...

No major new ideas tonight except I'm seeing several long range models hinting of a "Polar Vortex" upper low developing over the Great Lakes after Jan. 20th.    Bitter cold ((45+ below zero) remains over Alaska & northern Canada and IF the upper flow shifts more northerly as models are hinting, then we'll have to be on the hard freeze watch for later this month.   It really looks like the winter of 77-78 taking shape and look for several blizzard-like storms to create havoc over the south & east during the coming weeks.  Is that unusual?'s called January, but this kind of set up hasn't happened very often during the recent warming CYCLE.

In the short term, it's another cold night and clouds will increase for Friday after a sunny Thursday.  Highs will warm to 60+ Friday and 65-70 on Saturday before the next front chills us on Sunday.  Some showers will be with this front but the heaviest rains will remain farther to the north with even some snow along the north edge.   Next week will be cool but not cold.  It's the following week (after the 20th) that things could get exciting over the Gulf South.     One model even develops a low south of us.    Could we have enough cold air to see some snow here?  I remember a Beach Boys song from the '60s..."Wouldn't it be nice!"  Stay tuned!

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