Thursday, February 7, 2019

Almost Swegmann Size...

With another cold front coming and seeing my citrus trees starting to leaf out, I decided to pick my final crop of grapefruit still on the tree.   So I started picking...first a bag of 10 for my Doctor Don my friend, then another ten for my next door neighbor Margaret, then another 10 for my Church and another 5 for me.   Whew! I had had enough.  What?  Still many more to pick?  In fact, I counted another 59 still on the tree!   Good golly, that'll make this year's crop over 250 grapefruit!  Some of them where HUGE, bigger than what you get at the market.   The problem now is that most of the remaining fruit is VERY high up.  I planted this tree in 2006 after Katrina and it's now nearly 30 feet tall.    I may sucker...err talk my neighbor David into climbing his tall ladder to get at the higher up fruit, but we may just have to leave some fruit on the tree and wait for it to fall off.  

Weatherwise, a big change is coming after today's record breaking 81. Highs will be in the upper 40s to low 50s on Friday.  Heavy coats will be required. Saturday stays chilly before a warm up starts Sunday into Tuesday.  Another front arrives late Tuesday into Wednesday.   I don't see another Arctic outbreak coming into the Deep South during the next 7-10 days but look for our roller coaster temperature ride to continue. is the anniversary of the big tornado in N.O. East last year.   It's that time of the year when our severe weather threat ramps up.  Stay tuned!

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