Sunday, February 10, 2019

Back on the Fog Watch...

We saw some early sunshine before low clouds returned this afternoon, a sign that winds are switching back more off the Gulf.   As warmer air streams in over the cooler coastal waters, dense fog will make for a difficult morning rush hour.   In fact, fog could linger around all day nearer the water bodies and be a problem again on Tuesday ahead of our next front.  This front should blow through by early afternoon with our best rain chances between 6-9 AM.  Cooler (but not colder) air will follow for Wednesday with a warming beginning on Thursday ahead of yet another front.  The upper pattern is very progressive from west to east as storms march in from California streaking across the plains to the east coast.   As long as the upper flow doesn't sharpen, the cold intrusions will not be severe with the freezing weather staying north of us.   Now if you are planning travel to any of the major cities of the Midwest or Northeast, be prepared for Winter time conditions.  There will be several snow/ice storms that will impact travel and you'll need the heavy weather gear to protect you from the cold.   It's not the brutal below zero cold of a few weeks ago, but 20s & 30s will require way more than we wear here.   

Picked more grapefruit today for my friend Mandy who lives in Monroe.  She's been visiting for several days and says these are the sweetest grapefruit she's ever eaten.  That's because the longer they are on the tree, the sweeter they get.   Now if only my satsuma can produce some fruit this coming year?  Stay tuned!

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