Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Major Changes Coming this Weekend...

It appears our streak of 9 dry weekends in a row will end as computer models are bringing rain across the Gulf South for Friday and Saturday. One model sharpens an upper trough over the eastern states that will 1) produce a major storm along the east coast Saturday & Sunday and 2) drive the coldest air of the season across us for Sunday thru Tuesday. Right now it appears our coldest nights will be Sunday & Monday with the North Shore dipping into the 20s with the South Shore near freezing. Get ready for the big chill. The cold will come in 2 waves. The first arrives Friday late with the stronger, colder push late on Saturday. You'll need the heavy coats Sunday & Monday before a warm up begins on Tuesday.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and I'll keep you posted regarding the chill over the holiday weekend.

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

I hate when its warm on has to be cold to make the season. Nothing worse than having to run he A/C on Thanksgiving day!!! Well I see it will be a couple of day away but the cold air does return.

Bob I love your blogs and thanks for the updates.

Thinks of the lyrics...Hold on to warm September 'cause life can be like December Snow.