Saturday, February 27, 2021

Warm Now, But We Are Not Done With The Cold...

As we get ready to enter meteorological Spring on Monday and have temps back over 80 today, many think we are done with the cold for this year.  However, that will not be the case and let me show you why.   The following graphics are the midday temps in Alaska & norther Canada.

Temps. along the North slope are 40-45 below zero and all it would take for some of that chill to head southward is an East coast upper trough.

The top graphic is today's upper flow with the trough over the Rockies.  The middle is valid for March 7th showing a digging East Coast trough.  That will mean another serious bout of Winter chill is coming back into the U.S. during the first week in March,  It will not be as bad as 2 weeks ago, but don't put those sweaters and coats away just yet.  The bottom graphic is valid 2 weeks from now with the trough back out west which should result in us getting warm again.

For the next 2 days we'll stay in the warm air sector with lots of low level moisture resulting in daily morning clouds and low clouds.   That front will sink our way on Tuesday bringing us some showers and cooler temperatures.

Notice how each day looks to have lots of clouds so sunshine will be at a premium for the next 7 days.

Winds are again brisk this afternoon and that could help keep tomorrow morning's fog up off the ground as a low cloud deck.  High temperatures are supposed to be around 70 , but this afternoon we're well above that.   

The bottom 2 photos were taken last night dining at West End with a Full Moon rising.  Very beautiful.  Since water temps. have risen back into the 60s, I'll be out fishing with Capt. Hylton tomorrow in Shell Beach.  Next update late Monday.  Stay tuned!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Warmest Day in Over 3 Months...

The last time we topped 80 degrees was on Nov. 27, 2020, or 91 days ago.  After a foggy start, brisk south winds blew away the fog as narrow bands of cumulus clouds aligned themselves to the south winds.

A cold front has stalled to our west and north and that is serving as the boundary between warm, muggy Spring like air and cooler ( not frigid) air north of the front.   That front will not move much until early next week meaning we'll stay in the warm air through the weekend.

About the only negative with our weather will be the return of low level moisture/humidity.  Dew points in the 60s should mean daily morning fog is likely into next week.

Finally, here are pictures of my yard before the freeze and after my clean up of all the dead stuff.  I went from a lush landscape to one that will take a while to recover.

Note how you couldn't see the base of the tree before the freeze.

In the top picture, you can't see much of the fence or the bench while you can in the bottom.

So the freeze did a number to my variegated ginger, but the rest of my yard doesn't look terrible.  With this kind of warmer weather combined with higher sun angles should allow for rapid growth during the coming weeks.  The 6 foot plus ginger took 2 years to grow that high.  I'll be happy to see them 3-4 feet by August.  Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned!