Monday, January 18, 2021

A Much Warmer Week...

After many frosty mornings in a row, the next 10-14 days will be much milder as we'll finish off January with no Arctic Blast coming this year.  South winds are back bringing a return flow of moisture & warmer air off the Gulf.

The 70s over south Texas will spread our way for the next several days with a weak cold front coming late week.

As the surface high pulls to the east tomorrow some clouds will spread in from the Gulf, but no showers are likely until late Thursday & Friday.  There is some Arctic air (below zero) entering the extreme northern states and that will make playing in Green Bay perhaps difficult next weekend as temps will struggle to top 20 degrees.  Here are a couple of interesting satellite views from today.

The top view reveals how sunny it is coast to coast across the southern states while those farther north have lots of clouds.  The middle & bottom show the return flow off the Gulf. but if you look closely, the clouds almost look like a finger print aligning with the surface wind flow.  Neat.

And finally, we were all disappointed by the outcome of yesterday's game and would hate to see Drew's final game end so badly.   However, I recall a picture from my youth (1964) of an old Giants QB, Y.A. Tittle after throwing an interception towards the end of their season.  Y.A.'s sternum was cracked & he suffered a concussion with blood streaming down his face.  I don't speak for Drew, but I don't want his career to end like that.  You have to know when to say goodbye.   5 years ago (March 2nd 2016) I said goodbye to my 45 year broadcasting career after reading a book called "WHEN GOD WINKS..."   I planned to work under age 70, but at 65 I had prostate cancer and at 67 a pacemaker.  God had winked at me twice but I wasn't paying attention.    So at 68 & 1/2, I retired as I figured 3 strikes and you're out.  For Drew, perhaps getting seriously injured twice (thumb & ribs/lung) the past two seasons is God winking?   Drew, go to your beautiful wife & children while you still have good health.  You've earned all that you have, but more importantly, you've earned our respect and that of Who-Dat Nation everywhere.  You brought us out of the darkness of Katrina and took us to the NFL mountaintop of  the Super Bowl.   And for that we are very grateful & thankful, and we wish you many great memories of watching your kids grow up. Our memories of you will last forever.  All Hail Drew Brees!  Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

We Don't Need A Dome...

Weather will not be a factor (never is) inside the Mercedes Benz Super Dome today.  However, even if we still played in the old Tulane stadium outside, weather would not be a factor.  What a terrific January afternoon as we have sunny skies and temps in the mid 60s.  I see another close game that could be decided by a field goal.  I'm hoping Saints 34 Bucs 31.  Go Saints!

Otherwise, we will be on a warming trend for the next 7 days with highs 70+.    Most of the western states are in sunshine with the clouds mainly over the Great Lakes and Northeast.

There is some cold air across the northern states, but for mid January, most locations are way above normal/average.

In addition, this is very dry air around us that allows temperatures to fall quickly after sunset, but rise quickly after sunrise.  Notice dew points are in the 20s & 30s from Texas to Florida with no signs of return flow coming northward off the Gulf.   Enjoy this week's weather and go watch the Saints on FOX 8.  Stay tuned!