Sunday, March 26, 2023

Celebrating Ethan, More Severe Storms North

My only Grandchild turns (Ethan) turns 4 in a few days & we have been off celebrating with him the past couple of days.  While the weather in Oklahoma has been delightful, not so down South where more severe storms have erupted not far from the deadly Friday night storms.

As many of us know, bad weather often repeats itself.  You keep getting too much rain, back to back hurricane hits, too hot, too cold, yada,yada,yada.   Northern LA. into Mississippi is again under the gun as a sralled frontal boundary remains the focus for severe storms.

That boundary has remained stalled since the upper flow is parrallel to it.  Look at the remperature and moisture difference either side of the front.  The 70+ dew points are surging into the much colder air so it's little wonder why SPC has them in a level 4 risk.

That boundary is expected to drift farther to the south increasing our clouds & shower chances.  Some slightly cooler air could sneak in late Tuesday, but it won't last long.   Let's pay attention tonight & on Monday o make sure no severe storms work down to us.  Check with Amber tonight at 9 PM on FOX 8.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cold Front Loses Upper Support, Severe Threat Stays North

The strong disturbance, that battered California with rain, snow & even tornadoes yesterday is crossing the Rockies today and will open up and lift across the central Plains into the Great Lakes tomorrow.  Already severe storms are firing along a stalled frontal boundary over Oklahoma.

SPC has highlighted a large area for Friday's severe potential with the bullseye (level 4) to our north.  From the model runs I've seen, the severe area might be a little farther to the north with many of us over south LA/MS getting very little rain.  

Just pay attention to your FOX 8 Weather App in case any warnings are needed late tomorrow into early on Saturday.  Rain chances actually will be higher on Sunday as the weak front stalls over us.  

As it has been for most of the Winter-Spring seasons, the upper trough keeps the West cold & wet with the eastern states, especially the Southeast enjoying mild to warm temps.

You can clearly find where the front is located as temps north of it are in the 40s while it's 80+ south.  Even the dew points (bottom view) show the difference in air masses with 30s north of the front and 60s south.  That's plenty of fuel to fire off big storms tomorrow.

I know many of you are looking/hoping for colder weather before real summer arrives.  It will be a little cooler next week, but that's only because a front is likely to stall near us keeping lingering rain chances around.  April typically sees several cold fronts, especially during the first 2-3 weeks.  We are not done with sweaters & jackets.  We are done with the freeze threat and I might even try planting another tomato plant (remember Bubba?) next week.  Just to play it safe, pay attention to the weather Friday PM until we know for sure the severe threat will not be here.  Stay tuned!