Monday, April 22, 2024

Mississippi River Nearing 12 Feet, All Quiet On The Southern Front

It was days like this, where nothing is going on, that challenged my creativity in trying to keep viewers watching.  Oh sure, I could take the easy road and point out the obvious (sunny skies, low humidity & comfy temperatures, Duh!), but I liked to find unusual stuff just to keep folks from being bored.  For instance, just because it hasn't rained much here in the past 10 days, not so farther to our north.  A high river crest has been coming down the Mississippi and the river is likely to stay high for awhile.  Let's discuss.  It sure doesn't take a rocket scientist looking at satellite views to see why it's called "The Muddy Mississippi."  North winds have cleared out Lake P for the North shore, but the South Shore is all stirred up.  

The plume of muddy waters is making for difficult fishing conditions from Port Sulphur southward. Note how the River forecast is only for a slow fall for the next 7 days.  Why?  Look at the 7 day rainfall totals.

The reds & oranges indicate 3-5"+ totals and all that water has to drain our way.  No need to worry since our levees protect us is 20 feet and the river levels will be way less than that.  So what else is there to talk about?  Not much.

As we transition into summer, the jet stream weakens and shifts northward.  The weak disturbance moving across south Texas will stay well south of us as a large, comfy cool surface high brings us the good feel air.

Dew points remain in the 30s & 40s, but return flow should bring back the muggies by Wednesday PM. A sure sign that summer is coming is seeing near 100 degree heat in Phoenix.

We'll start to feel Summer-like later this week, but mid to upper 80s are tolerable.  It's the dreaded 90s that we have to endure for the coming months.  Finally,

My oldest son & his wife(Rob & Sarah) moved from Colorado after 20+ years to live in Albuquerque.  Was it to leave the mountain views?  Nope, look at this view last night from his new home.  They just wanted to go to a more friendly climate where it doesn't snow into April and the sun shines 300+ days a year.  Plus there is near zero humidity.  Gotta love that!  Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Love Those April Cold Fronts

We can get "cold" fronts push off our coast well into May & June, but the longer days & higher sun angle makes them mainly "dry" fronts with no cooler air behind them.  Going off to church this morning was almost chilly with temps around 60 & brisk north winds making it feel even cooler.  But once the sun returned this afternoon, buda bing, temps quickly bounced back above 70.

The cold front has pushed off our coast with the rains & clouds covering most of the East coast states.

Sweaters and jackets are needed as temps hover in the 40s & 50s.  A quick look at the satellite picture covering eastern Canada reveals many of the smaller lakes are ice covered with still some snow on the ground.

But as mentioned, that late April sun quickly moderates the chill.  As an upper ridge across the Rockies shifts eastward this week, a big warm up returns. 90s are showing up in the desert SW.

Dew points in the 30s & 40s will make the next 2 nights very comfortable, but it won't last.

With big outdoor events coming this weekend, I don't see another front coming to trigger high rain chances.  Mid to upper 80s with increasing humidity will make it feel almost summer like.  Get out and enjoy this good feel as it'll be gone by Wednesday.  Stay tuned!