Monday, December 29, 2008

Fronts Keep Coming...

It sure was nice to see sunshine this afternoon and the cool down felt nice. Weather systems are moving quickly with another, stronger front coming for early on New Year's Eve resulting in a clear but cold start to 2009. Long range computer models continue to show much colder air coming for the end of next week(Jan. 8th) with the potential for a Gulf Low forming well to our south after we get deep into the cold air. Could we see another rare "snow event" here? Way too soon to know but it's fun to talk about.

There have been 2 recent articles in the Times-Picayune regarding Global Warming. While I agree with 80% of what the authors said, they continue to buy into the THEORY that CO2 is the driver of our current warm CYCLE. I have a hard time with that since 1) CO2 is a trace GW gas (less than 2% while WATER VAPOR is the biggest, by volume, (96%) GW gas) and 2) 1998 was the warmest year and the Earth has seen 10+ years in a row less hot (2008 included). If CO2 levels continue to grow, the THEORY says the Earth will get hotter, but that's not what's happening. Sea level rises are far less than computer models predicted. Ice has reformed sooner & faster and thicker across the Arctic this winter. What could be happening? Is the warming CYCLE over? My guess is yes, but the GOVERNMENT scientists that need more research funding will continue to drink the cool-aid backing CO2 being the driver of GW. Only after we have several more harsh winters like this one back to back will the tide change. Conserve & use less energy because it's the right thing to do. Make less garbage & pollute less because it's the right thing to do. Will it stop climate change? Yea, and my Cubs will win a World Series too! Where there is money to be made, follow the politicians!


ONLYREAL said...

Bob im sorry to burst your buble on the arctic sea ice and global warming thing but actually yea believe it or not there is more arctic sea ice because of GW because it has caused a dramatic windshift which causes more sea ice but shallow ice that will melt next summer again not the old ice that doesent melt and reform each year. thats just my 2 cents on the situation. ohh by by the way... did you hear that there has been a sudden incrase in earthquakes in yellowstones lake&the springs are suddenl blowing up much more frequently? INtresting to know since yellowstone is overdue. WATCHOUT WYOMING!

ONLYREAL said...

ohh yea and I told you the models would pick on the cold comming again, pretty good forecasting for a 14 year old huh?

Lisa said...

Bob, you had me laughing on this one! I loved that last comment about the politicians!

I'm with you on the GW deal. I've seen almost as much evidence AGAINST it as for it. Climate changes occur in huge cycles and I doubt humans contributed much to this one. At least not as much as we get the blame for.

I can't understand for the life of me why people blame MORE sea ice and events like the snow a couple of weeks ago on global WARMING???? How can a warming cycle cause cold things to happen???

ONLYREAL said...


Global Warming is slow, and you notice that it is occuring in longer term observtons and not shorter term events and the thing is that, 2 major things is causeing this cold winter to be a cold winter,
1.)La Nina for 2 winters in a row
2.)The sun isnt giving off as much energy right now becase of lack of sunspots and Cycle 24 is yet to show its face.

Yes the Northern Hespisphere is cooler but its short term not long term.For example, Back when my Grandparens were children it would get in the teens atleast twice each winter, now each winter we struggle to get a freeze once or twice each winter.

storm said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your grandparents lived during one of the earths COOL cycles which will last for about a 30 year period. You seem like a bright kid, so please don't grow up to be arrogant in thinking that man can influence nature. The earth and it's atmosphere is way to complex. God controls it, NOT man!

ONLYREAL said...


The thing is that, GW is kind of a tuggle war with me because it seems like there is just as much evidence of its existence as there is evidence against its existence.We will see how things play out the next few years.

storm said...


I agree with you the next stretch of years should tell the story. Hey, I don't know if you're familier with the GULFCOASTWX forum,it would be nice to have you share some of you weather insight with everyone there. Go under WINTER WEATHER and share your thoughts on the developing cold.