Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post Surgery...Day 5

As many of you know, each day after surgery is a little bit better. I realize the real pain will come with therapy and I understand the next 2-3 months will be difficult at times. I see my doctor tomorrow for the first time since surgery so I hope he gives me encouraging news. I have limited arm movement and still some intense pain...but that's why we get the "happy drugs"! Being off gives me an opportunity to view my competition as I'm always looking to improve what I do. Compared to many of the major markets around this country, New Orleans is truly blessed to have a group of fine weathercasters. My staff at FOX 8 will handle my duties until I return. It gives them a chance to show what they can do. I look forward to rejoining the group on January 5th.

Last week...SNOW. This week...RECORD WARMTH. No wonder we all get sick! We will stay warm into Sunday with a stronger front coming on Christmas EVE. Much of the Ohio & Mississippi Valley should see snow on Christmas Eve, however, we will be too warm for more of the white stuff. Christmas Day should be Sunny & cold. Still time for the forecast to change.

P.S. I do chuckle at some of the comments, but if I laugh too hard, I feel my shoulder pain. Still, keep the comments coming


Delta Skygoddess said...

Hey Bob,
Glad to hear you are improving. I hear that rotator cuff surgery is one of the toughest surgeries to have. Just keep thinking of how good your golf game is going to be next spring! Take care, relax, watch TV and be a good patient for Zack and Zoe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Bob. Continued best wishes on your recovery. We're still dreaming of a white Christmas Eve...let's get a Gulf low develop, but I take it this front will be a swift mover. Looking forward to your HDTV return to the tube!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully see your return to HDTV, I should expand, this rotten cable company over here Cable One is talking about dropping you guys even on the Gulfport cable, 'cause we have this Gawd awful Fox Affiliate (25) over here (they don't even do a newscast). We're being robbed. See what you guys can do on your end!

Aaron said...


Diana Jaufre said...

Hey Bob,

I glad that you are do well. I had the rotator cuff surgery on left side in 96. The pain dose get better, but you will always have some pain when the weather is very humind like today!

ONLYREAL said...
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ONLYREAL said...

The pattern is modifying and i believe a shift in the east as the ridge in the Gulf breaks down.
Now I do not believe it will go away just shift to the east . Sign of it well look to Alaska where they were somewhat warming but now are building cold air again .
That I believe will trasend .Another words i believe it is a sign that another ridge in the west ;maybe not as strong as the one we had earlier but enough to give the east what it needed to get the cold more especially the south.
as a result cold from west to east nationwide seen in 79 , there will of corse be a battle wetween the two as always but for the most part the reprieve the south has seen will go away.
I don't think there will be alot of moisture to play with after this happens but if it is it will be in the form of coastal low pressure developing in the gulf and riding the fringes of the ridge and cold and of corse going up the east coast.
keep in mind none of the models are on to this yet .the Gfs will if it has'nt already begun to go about it stupid little back and forth thing as it will get a hint to it first.
the shift should be evident in the nam as it is shifting to the south and almost never does that unless there is a change in pattern comming . Usually it shifts to the west and north as the runs get closer to and event .
Now that I have stuck my head out on a limb by saying this I hope it actually does. 3 or 4 days and the Gfs will be catching the hint.

Dylan Federico