Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weak Front Coming...

Finally a front will reach us and bring temperatures back closer to our normal or long term averages. (63/44) This is not a strong cold front and it will stagger to make it far offshore by Sunday afternoon. That will likely keep some showers around into early on Monday. Looking long term...The big warm up that has surged over the Great Lakes & Northeast will not last. The east coast upper trough will reform towards the end of the first week in January bringing back the deep freeze which might even include us. No I'm not saying we'll snow again(it could!), but by January 10th all of the Deep South will be in heavy coats. This, by far, is the coldest & snowiest start to winter since the late 1970s. The question is...will it last thru January, February & March. NOAA doesn't think so as their 90 days outlook issued 2 weeks ago has much of the country "above normal" Jan-March. We'll see if they have much skill on longer range predictions?

We are not expecting any severe weather over night as the front brings us some showers towards daybreak Sunday.

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