Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold Coming In Waves...Snow NOT Likely

As I mentioned on Dec. 29th, the second week in January will turn much colder. The first cold front arrives tonight...the second on Monday night-Tuesday with the 3rd on Friday. Freezing temperatures? Northshore - Absolutely! But no worse than previous cold spell.(24-28) Southshore? No hard freeze since the core of the cold will stay to our north & east, but we cold see 30-35 and that would be no big deal. Snow? With the axis of the eastern trough to our east, there will be no moisture to work with so, nope, no repeat of Dec. 11th. This upper pattern should last through the week so get our your sweaters & heavy coats again. Since my "spring" allergies have kicked in early, I'm hopeing for a light freeze south of the lake just to take some of the pollen out of the air.

ONLYREAL reminds me when I was 13...I wrote to my favorite Chicago weatherman (Harry Volkman) and asked if I could come visit since I wanted to do what he did. I was surprised to find out 1) he wrote back and 2) he said yes, come visit & stay through one of his live programs. The year was 1961 and I was hooked. I suggest ONLYREAL do the same.

Global Warming update...In yestersday's USA TODAY were big headlines...STUDY WARNS OF DIRE OVERHEATING OF CROPS. Seems "computer models" indicate by YEAR 2100 (!!!) record temperature "could" hit the U.S. reducing crop yeilds and lead to DISASTROUS food shortages. The Weather Channel sadly picked up on this story with no challenges to it. Again, here's my take...I don't buy into any alarmist's statement that can't be verified. In 2100, I'll be 153 years old, my youngest son will be 120 and MAYBE his son or daughter will be alive. Fortunately the folks at USA TODAY presented 2 opposing views that showed the flaws in the study. Bravo USA TODAY!


ONLYREAL said...


Thank You so much!

you are going to get a letter from me soon at fox 8.

storm said...

I respectfully disagree with the temps on the southshore. I think even the city will make it into the upper 20's. I don't think the models know how to handle the cold air coming. It will end up in deep Texas just like the December cold, and right now the models are sending it too far east too quickly. I also think the trough axis will also end up to our west giving us a possible threat for, as you like refer to it, the white stuff. We'll see?

ONLYREAL said...

I agree with you to a certain extent, If the Anti-Cyclone does get as strong as 1060MB(is possible inicalted by Global Models) then 20's on the southshore is likley,I agree the The models especialy the GFS is fast with the cold air and that may mess up the where trough is predicted to settle.That will be important to whether or not we were to recive winter precipitation. Although snow here is usualy not predicted until the last second by weather forecasters.Very intresting weather for this week indeed.

Bourbon St. Blues said...

Hey Bob....has it ever snow twice between Dec and Feb here???

Yes I too admit Onlyreal's post have been interesting!!!

Beans said...

Is there suppossed to be a hard freeze for the south shore where we have to protect the pipes?

ONLYREAL said...

Slovenia with record low temperature -49

Slovenia registered the lowest temperatures ever. At the Bohin resort, a half frozen weatherman standing outside, reported minus 49°.

Slovenian Media have reported recommendations of the meteorological institute of Germany, which alarms over the risks of having piercings – the metal earrings on people’s body could cause dangerous freezing.

No metal objects attached to the body should be worn, warns the media, for people who must venture outside. For everyone else, Slovenian media urges its citizens to stay in their homes. //01.10.09

Life At Negative 78 Degrees In Alaska

Day to Day, January 9, 2009 · It has been unusually cold in Alaska for about ten days now. In the tiny town of Tok, in the eastern part of the state, it was 78 degrees below zero Thursday.

Aliza Sherman Risdahl and her family moved to Tok two weeks ago — just in time to watch the thermometer disappear.

"The needle goes as far as minus 60," she tells Noah Adams, explaining that as it struggled to fall further, it broke.

Such extreme temperatures have made daily tasks in life — like driving — rather complicated.

"It can be dangerous," she says. "In fact I've been trying to drive into town, but as you drive, you can feel your steering well freeze up. And then you can feel your brakes freeze up. Sometimes you can even get the condensation inside the window turning to hard ice."

Walking her dogs can also be a daunting task. Her black Lab loves the snow, she says, but "at a certain point, he just lays down."

And taking the Chihuahua out, simply isn't an option.

"Forget it," she says, "Thank goodness he's paper-trained."

When she decided to move, she says, she hadn't realized Tok was going to feel like Antarctica.

It must be must be absolutely wonderful to live there...

Also, What happened to GW? lol
I gaurantee the Polar Pears that Al Gore said were swiming aren't right now.

Bourbon St. Blues said...

Interesting and Nice Report Onlyreal...Thand

ONLYREAL said...

Your welcome,
I read it and I thought yall would like it.