Sunday, January 4, 2009

Training = Flooding...

Last night's "rain event", like most, are never predicted in advance. Why? Because it's usually impossible to say in advance when or where training will occur and how long it will last. If it's only 1-2 hours, rain totals might be 1-3". Last night's downpours started before 6 PM and lasted past 10 PM. Some amounts exceeded 4-6" flooding many local streets on the Southshore while the Northshore had less than an inch. It could have been worse if the rain lasted longer.

Looking ahead...we stay warm into Tuesday when we'll have another opportunity to see some strong storms. After that, it's cooler, but not frigid as no freezes are expected this week. It still looks like the following week will be colder. We have another 5-6 weeks to worry about a hard freeze (below 22) before that higher sun angle starts to make a difference.

See you all tomorrow on FOX 8 at 5 PM


ONLYREAL said...

At my house I had 5.33 inches of rain in Kenner from 7:40pm to about 11pm. The water was surrounding my house.

Susan said...

Welcome back Bob!!!!!!