Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Storms?

As promised, we have another severe weather threat. This time we're under a tornado watch until 9 pm. Radar is indicating the heaviest storms should stay north of Lake P., however we could see development farther to the south after 5-6 pm. SPC has taken us out of the moderate risk, but they still indicate strong storms are possible thru 7-9 PM. Drier air returns for Monday & Tuesday.

Great letter in today's Times-Picayune regarding how Universities are more protective of getting Federal Grant money that their professors(Ivor Van Herden) freedom of speech. If that's true, could the global warming "consensus" be linked to getting grant money ? Me thinks so. Professors peer reviewing each other to fight for more grant money. Nah...that's too cynical...don't ya think?

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

I wonder how many professors and universities would be asking for a grant for their special interest projects, if the grants were subject to a tax.

A lot of people are having to pay tax on The Road Home Program which was grant money. Sadly enough the Federal Gov't is taxing people who lost everything and had to rebuild their lives and homes.