Friday, April 17, 2009

Storms Coming Late Sat-Sunday

Timing is everything for this weekend. It looks more and more like most of Saturday south of Lake P. shud stay dry. Best rain chances appear to be between daybreak & noon on Sunday. That would leave Sunday PM dry. With the French Quarter Fest going on this weekend, that would be great news. Northshore once again has the better chances for heavy rainfall. Rivers are still high from last week's rain so hopefully amounts won't be too excessive? Monday thru Wednesday will be dry with cool nights and pleasant days.

I'm afraid to open the paper or turn on the news as we seem to be bombarded by doom & gloom of the Global Warming Alarmists. The big news now is Congress must pass "Cap & Trade". Why? Certainly not to lower CO2 emissions since Europe already tried that. Must be someone can make some money doing that? Hummm...didn't the banks create derivatives to make more money? That sure turned out well! Times-Pic had story about a Loyola forum regarding Cap & Trade. Rep. Cao now says he believes in GW. C'mon, the argument isn't that the planet went thru a warming period/cycle, it's about what caused it? The problem with those who believe it's man and CO2 emissions,...the warming period peaked in 1998. In fact, the last 2-3 years have started a cooling trend. At last week's hurricane conference, they down graded(lowered) their storm forecast partly because the waters of the Tropical Atlantic have COOLED. How can that be if CO2 concentrations keep going up? Perhaps, just maybe, CO2 is NOT the driver of climate change? But that headline will never make the paper since it's all about alarmists forecasting crisis that will bring more GOVERNMENT funding/money. Be Green for the right reasons, not because it's the color of money.


ONLYREAL said...

"Be Green for the right reasons, not because it's the color of money."

Thats a good one...
GW is a hoax to make money,
its just to obvious now.

Anonymous said...

we have the best politicians money can buy! :)

Bourbon St. Blues said...

Gee I had a dream last night and Bob was in it!!!

Bob was at some weather conference and apparently there was a storm just about to enter the Gulf. I remember Bob telling me it was going to be a Cat 5 and after my model runs, the city is going to order an evacuation..

I woke up and said its only April right???

maxx said...

See this search result for a whole bunch of articles about ENRON and its efforts to use 'global warming' as a way to make money: