Friday, May 22, 2009

Gulf Low Moving Faster...

Based on what I see on morning satellite & radar loops (forget the models), it appears the upper low is approaching the LA/MS Coasts and should drift across us today. The surface feature is lagging behind and remains under a westerly upper shear environment. Couple that with it moving into cooler waters and both should limit future development. IF the center of this system passes to our east, which appears to be the case this morning, the bulk of the heavy rainfall will stay east of Louisiana as we would stay on the drier side of this disturbance. Also, with faster movement, much of the rain shield will lift to the north by Saturday afternoon resulting in fewer PM showers and perhaps even some sunshine. Sunday's rain chances should be even less with Monday back to basic daytime heating PM Storms.

So IF the surface feature lifts northward and moves inland around BIX, we would see much less rainfall as they system remain asymetric with most of the rain in the east and north quadrants. I'll have another update later this PM.

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