Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Cold" Front Coming?

The tropical wave over the Yucatan has not become better organized. In fact, on the daylight satellite loop, there was a weak rotation well west of the actual wave. Now with a front coming into the Gulf, anything that would develop would be blocked from coming north. What I will be watching for later this week is the possibility of a low forming on the tail end of the front once over the Gulf. That's how Alicia formed in 1983.

If these east coast troughs keep coming, we may not be done seeing more fronts well into July. What we should see is some relief from our record heat. Hopefully we'll see better rain chances now that the upper high is shifting back to the west.

A new GOES satellite was launched last night. It will be tested out and then placed as a back up until the current GOES satellites fail.

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