Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot June = Bad Hurricane Season?

Since several folks have mentioned this hot June warming the Gulf's waters, which may result in bad hurricanes for us? I thought I'd look back on history with my summer intern Katie Landry checking to see if that was a fact. Turns out, it isn't. In all of the previous hottest Junes, only 1998 (Georges) brought us a bad storm and he was more a factor for Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The hottest (1981) was an active year (11 named storms), but all the storms recurved to the north BEFORE they entered the Gulf. This current pattern is setting up like 1980 & '81 when a strong upper ridge developed over the SE. It shows no signs of breaking down during the next 7 days. Should we be alarmed? Why? Those previous hottest Junes showed us that it's more than just water temperatures that go into producing an active hurricane season.

Forecast? MOTS (More Of The Same) DDSS (Different Day, Same Story) GJIDL (Go Jump In Da Lake!)


Anonymous said...

I wish I can jump in da lake ...can ya?

R4A said...

Thanks, Bob - as usual you're giving us the facts and avoiding hysteria. You're the best!

weatherman said...

I can't jump in the lake, the bacteria levels are too high!