Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Down...Many to Go...

Like most hurricane seasons, the 1st week...usually the first 1-2 months...are quiet and we are this year. In fact, in my 32 summers living here, we have only seen June cold fronts 3 or 4 times. This weekend has been a real treat as another east coast trough pushed a front well down into the Gulf bringing us lower humidity & plenty of sunshine. Looking ahead, humidty will slowly return and so will our typical summer heat. In fact, an upper ridge will build over the southeast resulting in below normal shower activity and above normal temperatures.

NOAA came out with an "El Nino Watch" that indicates a weak El Nino is developing. That is encouraging news for us as typically that results in fewer tropical systems forming. However, remember Andrew in 1992 was in an El Nino year. Bottom line...we will be on guard until the Fall cold fronts start coming late September into early October.

NHC is watching a weak area of disturbed weather in the southern Caribbean. IF this system were to develop, it would head northward and then NE AWAY from the Gulf. For now just enjoy our great weekend weather. I'm back on-air on Monday. In case you missed it...A replay of WEATHERING THE STORM 2009 is scheduled for this Sunday at 11 AM.


ONLYREAL said...

Nothing is going to happen in the Caribbean until that TUTT to the North of the disturbance moves away or dissipates.

weatherman said...

Does an El Nino mean more cold fronts?