Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ana Coming Soon?

Dr. Lyons on TWC & WeatherUnderground Blog (Dr. Masters) have been hinting that a depression could form in the next 36-48 off the east coast. Could that develop into the season's 1st name storm? I think the chances are low since there remains strong upper SW winds on the east side of the east coast trough that keeps the Gulf safe from any tropical system. IF Ana did form, she would probably not affect any land areas and just head out to sea. Longer model forecasts still keep the east coast trough around for another week to 10 days. That gets us into August when the heart of the season begins. I think what is encouraging is seeing very few tropical waves moving off of Africa. If that trend continues and IF westerly winds (shear) stay strong and IF nothing develops in the western Caribbean or Gulf, then perhaps we might escape another storm season...but there still are a lotta IFs.

My gut tells me the 1st named storm will develop along one of these unusal fronts moving down into the Gulf. One comes thru tomorrow night and another may follow late Sunday. At the moment..all is quiet so stay relaxed.

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ONLYREAL said...


I'm not used to seeing the Atlantic so quiet. Just goes to show how spoiled we have been over the past couple of years. I guess this is what you expect with a near average season. Thing's should pick up next month.