Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cape Verde Season Over?

If you look at the Water Vapor loop of the Tropical Atlantic tonight, it's dominated by strong upper lows producing shearing winds that will not allow much development anytime soon. As I mentioned several weeks ago, my feelings tell me IF we get a hurricane threat this year, it will NOT come from those long track storms from the Atlantic, but rather a system that forms along an old front that stalls in the Gulf. So far this month, strong WSW shearing winds mean no development in the Gulf.

In the short term, a slow moving area of low pressure will drift across Louisiana tomorrow & on Friday giving us a better chance for daytime showers. Hopefully the low keeps moving so we have a drier weekend? It will remain summerlike into next week, but a REAL cold front is finally coming late on Tuesday. That will bring back that good feel air of several weeks ago. Yippee!


ONLYREAL said...

Yep...The models continue to show strong westerly flow over the Gulf into the long term protecting us from any potential tropical development.

I can't wait until this strong cold front rolls through here next week. I miss the dry air and cool weather. I love winter, its my favorite time of the year.


Bourbon St. Blues said...

I love winter too OnlyReal. Funny I bet if we lived up north we'd hate winter and love summer...

Looking forward to that cool front, it nice to feel the change of seasons.

Sure has been a quiet Hurricane Season. Its been a treat not to see that big storm enter the Gulf and wonder if the mother of all storms is heading our way...Of course everybody comes out the woodwork here when a storm enters the Gulf, so blogs have been down as well this summer.

Go Saints