Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GW & Politics? You Kiddin' Me?

Wow Jessica..."Keep politics out of my weather"? Surely you jest? That's the whole GW issue. If you read about how the Earth warmed in the past, CO2 increased AFTER the planet warmed, not before. CO2 cannot be the DRIVER of GW. A minor player? Maybe, but not the main reason. In addition, who said anything about continuing to pollute? And who is against finding & using cleaner energy as long as it keeps the U.S. competitive versus the rest of the world? This is a forum for ideas. Share your thoughts. I only censor personal attacks. My goal is simple...I want you to think, to reason, then reach a conclusion. I originally believed the CO2 theory until some of my friends in meteorology, with far more education than I, began to question the GW alarmists. These were people with Master & PHDs who pioneered some of the top companies in weather, people I looked up to and respected. The more I read and studied the GW issue, the more I sided with them and not with the alarmists. You have to understand GW is NOT about science, it IS about politics. Follow the trail of power and money and it will lead you back to our politians. I'll blog about weather later tonight.


ONLYREAL said...

Money is the cancer.

Baxter said...

I'm still on the fence about GW, but thank you Bob, you are a person locally that I respect and now you have me thinking in a different way about learning about GW. What side I join is in the air still, but you dropped some seeds that I have never thought about. All that to say this, PLEASE forecast some Fall.

CRAIG said...

Bob, I think I know where you stand on anthropogenic global warming. I am in that number, as there are more and more scientists and meteorologists who don't buy into AGW,mainly because of solar irradiance historical data and sunspots or the lack thereof, lately that is mainly driving the cooling spell we are in. Why has the American Meteorological Society NOT updated their stance (2007) on this? I just visited that website and they still adhere to a 2007 AMS adopted position and continue to promote that politically stubborn stance, even though there are statistics and data to back up cooling trends in the last few years. You would think meteorological scientists would have caught on to the scam by now. You never hear about the 650 scientists that have just recently denounced AGW in the U S Senate Minority Report on Dissenting Scientists. Nor do you hear about the 32,000 scientists and doctors who signed a petition denouncing AGW (there's only 52 on the IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change). I heard yesterday that GW has been SO IMPLANTED in brains over the years, by politically driven sources, that it will be difficult to stop this freight train. It only proves that it continues to be driven in order to promote disastrous cap and trade mandates that will destroy our economy.

It really has been brainwashing politics at it's best.

Kenner, La