Sunday, September 27, 2009

Krewe of Fall coming...

Finally a parade of cold fronts will be coming the next 10-14 days starting the cooling down process that will end the hurricane threat for the Northern Gulf coast. I can say with great confidence that we will not have to evacuate for a hurricane this season. We still could have a threat late in October (remember Juan 1985), but by then any hurricane would be a Cat. 1 or a weak Cat. 2. With such strong westerly wind shear expected for the next 2 weeks, anything that would develop in the Gulf would be steered away from us. We appear to have enjoyed a quiet season thanks to El Nino.

During an El Nino, we often see a very wet winter pattern develop over the southern states. That will be something we'll have to watch for as Gulf winter storms can be quite strong. Our next front arrives Monday afternoon bringing that "good feel" air back for much of this week. Speaking of good about dem Saints!!!

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