Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Thaw For Much of U.S.

While another snowstorm heads for the Northeast tonight, it's remarkable how most of the country has moderated from the brutal sub-zero cold of last week. Historically, there is a "January thaw" during the last 1-2 weeks of January and that appears to be happening this year. Last night's showers are now over Florida and colder, not frigid air is filtering across the Gulf South behind a cold front. It's back to sweaters and jackets, but if you are dressed for it, the next 3-4 days will be delightful.

Since no serious freezes are in sight for the next 7 days, we have about 3 weeks to go before we're beyond the period for hard, pipe breaking freezes. Once we get past Feb. 15th, any freezes are not the kind that cause major problems. Don't think about planting your tomatoes just yet. No, the safe time for that is March 15th Southshore and March 25th Northshore. We can still get light freezes and frosts thru about April 1st.

WSI (a weather forecasting & graphics company) says the brutal cold will return to the lower 48 during the 1st week in February. Snow lovers don't despair...with cold coming back south, always a chance !


Bob From Piqua said...

Just wanted to know if you remember what was happening on this date in 1978. I was a senor in high school in Piqua, Ohio and on the way home that afternoon listening to WING radio and you came on with a weather bulletin about a severe winter storm coming to the Miami Valley. You were the first to let us know the it would be a historic storm. It surely was, those winters in the late 70’s in the Miami Valley will be hard to forget. It was great to have you on WDTN at that time.

Bob Breck said...

Thanks Bob. I remember that day well, plus the days that followed. No one back then said the climate was changing. It was just another major winter storm. Every time it snows now, the media plays it up like it's never happened before! Miss Dayton. That was a special time in my life.