Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're Not Green Bay. Enough Already !!!

OK, so I'm a whimp. 30 degrees with a 15-20 mph wind makes me want to go back to "mamby-pamby land" and get some warmth you jackwagon ! Geez, I don't want summer back...just a little Spring! Gonna have to wait until the weekend as this current cold blast has some legs. Friday morning will see another hard freeze on the North Shore with a light to moderate freeze South Shore. Finally Saturday will bring milder air that will have highs near 60 and near 70 by Monday & Tuesday. Don't get used to that warmth because more brutal cold (30-40 below) is building in Canada and will head our way later next week. You snow freaks, don't give up hope. One of these cold blasts might also bring us some snow. Probably not, but stayed tuned!

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