Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Foggy Mornings, Warm Afternoons...

With surrounding water temperatures in the upper 40s & low 50s, any wind back off the Gulf usually means fog is not far away. As moisture slowly increases this week, morning fog will become more widespread each day and you may need to allow for extra drive time in the morning. Again, our current warm pattern should last all week and maybe thru all of next week so get use to the fog as it'll be a daily problem unless the winds increase. No real cold air is in sight so we may get into the first weekend of carnival parades in pretty good shape, but that's still a ways out. I'm just thrilled to be outa da deep freeze into golfing weather again!

Please, let's not start thinking about the 2011 Hurricane season in February !


Patrick said...

Just thought I would point out the humorous contradiction in your last blog post. You state not to start thinking about the 2011 hurricane season in February. Directly to the right, of that post, is an active poll for the 2011 hurricane season. I couldn't help finding some humor in that.

You're still the best.

Bob Breck said...

Patrick...right on...LOL...had to chuckle myself! You made my day !