Thursday, February 3, 2011

Much Improved Weekend Coming !!!

As an upper disturbance moves across the South on Friday, we'll see a cold, rainy morning with temps staying generally around 40 all day. Model runs tonight show any frozen precip here not until late evening or after midnight and then only a few snow flurries at best. After a dreary Friday, the sun should return before noon on Saturday as highs struggle to reach 50. Warmer still on Sunday as highs might reach 60.(Normal is 63) The cold will return next week as the deep east coast upper trough drives more cold Canadian air our way. I'm ready to go to Orange Beach and lay in the sun for a couple of days. Drats...not warm enough for 3-4 months. Let the dreams begin !

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Informant said...

I've got a question.....It's been raining hard all day in Picayune. Is all of this going to freeze on the roads tonight?????